Mother's Day Weekend

Monday, May 11, 2020
We finally got to see family again after more than two months of being separated and it was wonderful that we could do it for Mother's Day Weekend!!!

My kiddos have only seen the same 7 people since we were on Spring Break back in February - it was time to see some family!! We took off Thursday night for ETx and surprised my parents! I still had to work Friday, but since I'm working remotely from home now I can basically work anywhere I have WiFi, which is wonderful for me. Sadly, where mom and dad live the better network doesn't reach, though so working from their house Friday wasn't possible. So when you're from a small town and daddy has a key to the church you simply set up your office in a Sunday School room and work from there - it was definitely a blessed work day!

We had some rain Friday while I was working, but the rest of the weekend was so wonderful - we spent it all outdoors with family. I got to see mom & dad and all my siblings and nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews and we all got to meet my newest great-nephew for the first time, too who is now 7 weeks old! Baby Luke is such a sweet baby boy and Donna's first grand-baby. She and my John are elated, of course!

 Luke already likes his big cousin!
 Four Generations!

Aaron caught fish all weekend and Emma caught lightning bugs! LOL We also played with these light up rockets you shoot off a slingshot - I got in on the action, too and we were outside playing with these way after dark. It was better than fireworks. Great screaming sound when they're shot into the sky and no fire! LOL

Even Geddo shot the rockets with us a few times!
 The red ones showed up the best.

Close to 10lbs - his biggest catch so far!

  There was lots of fun outside b/c it was just too pretty to be indoors!

Can you see Aaron up there, too??


 Chef Uncle Michael

 I could have just stayed right here all afternoon! 

 Mom's gardens all look good!

I have cut Michael's hair during quarantine and our neighbor's...but I was resistant to cut Aaron's. It was just so pretty and full and has such great body. I thought this was a perfect time to let it grow. But I gave into pressure from his dad and cut it - just the sides and back, though. His cowlick is too scary for me and I was afraid I'd have it doing something crazy!!! It was curling up in the back under his hat and I honestly loved it. :(

We brought a stray home with us when we left for home, too...Justin and Aaron weren't done with cousin time so now they'll get a few more days of it.