Spring Break - San Antonio

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
We weren't sure what we wanted to do for Spring Break and ended up getting a cute little AirBnB in San Antonio - right near downtown so we had easy access to all the fun stuff in San Antonio. My kids have never seen the Alamo and Aaron is studying Texas History now...so needless to say he was very excited and anxious to report back everything he saw (which, he never got to do b/c of COVID-19, but that is another post).

Spring Break around the nation were a bit mellow this year b/c of the corona virus outbreak, which meant the streets weren't near as crowded and we went through the hand sanitizer and repeatedly said, "Don't touch the rails. Don't touch stuff! Wash your hands. Don't touch your face." but none of that kept us from enjoying some low key family time.   

We spent a day at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch...this was Aaron's most favorite thing he said. He didn't want to leave and wanted to go again and again. And honestly with these cute little one week old baby goats, I didn't want to leave either! They were so cute and they practice head butting against our fists!! LOL

This guy wanted to come into the car with us!

Aaron had a friend try to come in the Jeep with him, too!  

 Another day we went to the Wax Museum. This was always fun as a kid and Emma & Aaron loved it, too!
Show us your Superman Pose!

"You won't like me when I'm mad!"

 POTUS 2040 and 2044???

This room was the most fun for me!!! I could have stayed in there a lot longer!

We also visited Ripley's, but I didn't take as many pics there!
This room, though was the coolest!!

And I nearly fell over, literally went over the rail, trying to walk through this hallway with the images rotating around us!!!
 Our Day at the Alamo was so great - I loved seeing how into everything Aaron was. I didn't realize I had such a little history buff on my hands!!! We only took pics outside b/c, of course, you aren't allowed to inside the Alamo.

Picture with one of the Twin Sisters
Dinner on the Riverwalk

I tried to retake many of the same pics I remember from when I was little coming to the Riverwalk! 

 This mama earned her Champs for dinner!!
 We also enjoyed a ride on the Riverwalk and being able to tour parts we didn't walk around to and hear about the history! Lots of very cool facts were discovered!

 And, okay everything wasn't educational! LOL Pew! Pew!

 Mango on a stick at the Market!
And you can't go to San Antonio without dinner (and breakfast, too for us) at Mi Tierra! 

 Mango & Watermelon juice!

 I couldn't convince him to walk around in it!
Or this one!! 
And this was at our cute little AirBnB - anytime we go to SA from now on this is where we still stay!!!
Perfect little loft for the four of us!

With a great porch! 
On our last night we got an email that school was going to be cancelled and we heard about people making a run on the grocery stores. Since we knew we'd have to get groceries when we came home we just decided to stock up in San Antonio. We did get a few things...but man this was a strange site to see as the hoarding started in SA, as well.