Keeping up with the Kubeczkas - COvID19 Edition

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Well, we on our 3rd week now of Shelter in Place due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Everyone who can work from home is. All business except those deemed "essential" are shut down. And homeschooling started last week with Klein ISD.

We're fine. We're all fine. It's fine.

Honestly, I have to say I don't mind working from home. I like spending time with the kids and so far we aren't at one another's throat. Michael is still going into work b/c his work cannot be done from home.

Harris County is essentially locked down until April 30th. We're all pretty much assuming that the kids are not going back to school this year. I am keeping them busy with homeschool - trying to balance that with my own job has been interesting. Unless I am on a conference call then we have to make sure they are occupied LOL! They are getting into a routine now, though and then when school is out they are kicked outside and playing till dinnertime - recess and PE all rolled into one! Their chores count as school work now - PHS class. And we try to find fun stuff for Art. Emma has been doing family stuff at night. She's turned our house into Star Cinema Grill. Cooked on the hibachi and turned the back yard into Shogun. And last night put together a scavenger hunt for Aaron. Tonight I think we're going to set up the projector outside for a drive-in (or sit-in) movie! We did go out to the country one day this weekend to get out of town for the day - it was a great time for the four of us to have some fun together outside.

Our neighborhood has been doing a lot, too - people are hiding Easter Eggs with drawings inside and painted rocks for people to find out on walks!
 We even bought Aaron a little desk to have his own place. Emma already had a desk in her room. So now he has a dedicated place to do his work - he likes to get comfy!!
 And all the teachers use Zoom for classroom meetings or 1-on-1 calls. 

The had Art Class outside one day! Everyone has been doing chalk art and I love seeing it all!

Emma did a great job on the Hibachi and made an EXCELLENT dinner! She's been a baker forever, but is turning into quite the little chef. 

Our foursome took to the country Sunday after church (which is also on online these days) and soaked up a little sunshine and fishing!

 This fella came by to say HI, too. I think he was lonely b/c he followed me everywhere! LOL I think Junior has to be like 80 years old already.
Part of their PHS chores - dishes, laundry and some yard work! Raisin 'em right, teaching them the essentials so they won't be lazy adults!

 Stay Home - Stay Safe