Aaron Is In Double Digits - TEN Years Old

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
It's cliche to say, but time is moving way too fast! My baby is TEN now!!!
We celebrated all weekend long, too! Emma had a swim meet Saturday & Sunday, so Saturday night we hit up an Escape the Room. Aaron had never done one before, so this was exciting for him to do! We did make it out with over 3 minutes to spare!!!

Sunday while Emma & I went to day 2 of her swim meet, Aaron & Daddy went to the batting cages to try out his new bat - gift #1 we let him open a day early!

After we were done they came home and he got gift #2 - a new catcher's bag...and then got to spend birthday money on gift #3 - a new Bow! This boy made out like a bandit!

I think the bow was his favorite - something he has been asking for for a long time now! We don't have a target yet, so he went next door to shoot Grayson's!

Then for dinner he got special treats, too - oysters on the half shell & crawfish! He is definitely his mama's son! LOL We finished up with an ice cream cake, which was good b/c he said the crawfish were spicy (I didn't think so)!! Ha ha!

 Their bellies were full!
 Miss Emma had a good weekend, too - she cut over 25 total seconds on all her races this weekend! Smiles all around!!!

 Volleyball teammates competing against one another this weekend! ;)

And though the weekend turned out WONDERFUL our week before that was rough - Aaron got bit by something that led to an infection that had his whole face swollen. My poor baby was so miserable, but we're fighting it with antibiotics now and after day two of those he was back to normal at least. We still don't know what happened really. :(