Saturday, January 04, 2020
Last year Elizabeth got the honors of deciding the theme, food & venue for our family gathering this year! And she has set the bar so high she will be doing this from now on hopefully! Josh won it for next year, but handed it off to her at the end of the party!

The theme this year was Grinchmas! There were games and prizes and themed food and snack galore! The venue was big and spacious and just amazing!!! I think next year might be The Nightmare Before Christmas (I hope) and at Kingsley's venue in Broaddus! This one was at the fairgrounds in San Augustine! She really did an amazing job!!!

We took so many pictures and had so much fun! I didn't want it to end!! I love being with my family more than anything!

Love my little Grinches - they had a great time, too!
All the food was amazing and all themed!

  And nothing was left un-decorated!

 The big green one was a 20lb saran wrap ball!!!

 These girls all looked so great!

 My heart!

 Love my brothers & sisters so much!! 

 All the grandkids & great-grandkids!
 Baby Sleds!

 Awesome prize idea! Gift card wreath, but only one was actually activated! 
Good luck finding out which one! LMAO

 Donna got matching Grinch Shirts for me and Teresa to match her!

 This was actually the gift to host next year that Josh traded to Buggie!

 Now this is a cute present!