Keeping up with the Kubeczkas

Thursday, November 07, 2019
Sometimes it is hard work - we are going in so many different directions! Volleyball & Baseball are over for now, so we're just swimming at the moment. That makes life a little easier, but it's still busy!

Deer season has started & Aaron got the first meat to refill my freezer!

Definitely something to be proud of!

Then he came home from hunting & his team won the championship for their league!

These boys played a GREAT season! Can't wait to see what happens in the Spring with a couple new pick ups!
Aaron got to miss school Monday b/c he was at the lease and then Tuesday when he went back I chaperoned my first field trip with his class.

Wunderlich is always fun!

And, this week Ohana had Olympic Gold Medalist Josh Davis coach their practice. He even brought his medals and let the kids wear them!

Busy? Yeah - you could say we're busy these days! Wouldn't trade it for anything, though!