Baseball & Volleyball...and Swim

Thursday, October 10, 2019
That is our life right now! We have our first swim meet for Ohana coming up in Lufkin this weekend, so pictures to follow! But this past weekend and week was full of baseball & volleyball.

The girls' A Teams had a tournament at Hofius and while neither 7th or 8th grade placed, our 7th grade played better than they have all season. I didn't get to watch 8th grade, but 7th grade went to the third round beating out Klein & Kleb and just falling short to Doerre. They played amazing!!!!

And Emma played her best ever - just look at this girl!!!

Aaron had a game Saturday as well, so I didn't get to watch him play or get pics...but they did win. And they won again last night, when I did get to attend and take some pics! So they are currently undefeated! WooHoo!!

Aaron nailed one and sent it to the fence for a double and, as always, did a great job behind the plate catching! This boy is so good and it's so fun to watch him play!