Jamaica & Camping at Rayburn Park

Monday, July 29, 2019
We took off a week this month and had some much needed R&R time. The first half of the time off was mommy/daddy time in Jamaica with friends...then when we came home we took the camper up to Rayburn Park where the kids already were with Geddo & Teta! Summertime fun!!

We stayed at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica. We had some beautiful views & the pool was amazing!

 Michael came down with Bell's Palsey about a week before we left for Jamaica...hence why he didn't smile in any of our pictures! I promise he wasn't mad the entire trip! LMAO

 Great group of couples to vacation with, too!

 Of course, as soon as we hit the lake these guys started fishing!
 We forgot the backgammon set so she decided to make herself one!
 One of the hosts started feeding the deer so they came out every evening.