Cudas Divsional Meet

Monday, June 17, 2019
I don't think I could be any more proud of my girl!!!!
 Emma swam amazing at Divisionals this year! She had already qualified for Trinity Invitationals for all her races except IM, Butterfly & 100M Freestyle and since the IM was the only race she was swimming for Divisionals it was the only one she had a chance of still making it in to Trinity. However, she was like 8 seconds slower than the qualifying time so we honestly didn't think she would make it - but there is always a chance. And I told her you just swim as hard as you can and you just might make it! AND SHE DID!!!!!! She cut off 8 seconds on her IM! It was amazing!

So now she is swimming IM, Freestyle, Backstroke (gasp!) and Breastroke at Trinity Invitationals next weekend. Breast is her best stroke - she can come from behind all the time on that stroke. If her dive and turn were 100% she would smoke everyone every time for that race!!! We're working on it.

She had a good time, though and left with a Medal in Breastroke overall at Divisionals. She came in 8 out of like 31 in Breast - her very first Medal in her second year of swim. That's gonna be her stroke!