Metro Tournament - Astros/Dodgers Team

Monday, May 20, 2019
This past weekend was another super busy weekend - as they all seem to be! Emma declined to swim Saturday b/c she had a UIL Art Competition. We don't really know anything yet, but it was a good experience for her for sure! I'm proud of Emma for stepping up to the challenge!

Meanwhile Aaron had a 9U Metro Tournament to play in Humble. His team didn't have enough participation so four of our players were picked up by the Astros to play! This team played so awesome! They went undefeated and played Sunday evening for the Championship game! We did not get to finish the game b/c of lightening; however, no matter what happened we could only take 2nd place b/c apparently you can only pick up 3 players and the Astros picked up 4 of our players for the tournament. The opposing team had a choice to protest, which they did so there was no way we could win 1st. So, when the lightening threatened instead of waiting it out we just called the game.

These boys were definitely champions to us either way, though b/c they played some of the best baseball I've seen! I am so proud of them! Aaron had a great weekend playing and we couldn't be more proud of him for it!