Cudas vs Dolphins & A Weekend in Broaddus

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Saturday we went against the Dolphins - Emma has friends that swim there as well. Sadly we came up short, but it was a close one.

Emma did very well and qualified in Breaststroke to swim at the Sprint Sizzler Invitational next week!

 Emma got a new cap last week so I have to double check my pics now! LOL
 Resting between races b/c swimming can tire you out!

 We've been working hard on this dive lately!
 Just keep swimming!
After the meet...immediately after the meet...we hit the road for Broaddus. I slept till Diboll b/c I had a bad migraine that came on at the meet. No fun!
But we did have fun in Broaddus!!

 This one & daddy spent most of their time fishing...and catching us dinner!

 From sun up till sun down!
 While Emma cooled off with the water hose!

 We did have a little target practice, too!

 Please let us in!!!
Emma swept all on the way to Broaddus - after all she'd bee up since 5:30 for her swim meet! And Aaron slept on the way home! Fishing tired him out I guess! LOL