Easter Weekend

Monday, April 22, 2019
The kids were off Friday and Monday for Easter...so after Emma's swim practice Thursday night we headed up to ETx for the weekend! We were BUSY the entire weekend...Michael and the guys fished so much his hands were sore and he got a blister! LOL

And we couldn't have asked for better weather - it was so gorgeous all weekend. Perfect for family time! Everyone came out to Donna & John's this year, except for Riki's crew b/c they already had the Parker gather planned for that Saturday. It was still a big crowd, though and so much fun!

Donna & John had a couple trees fall from the last big storm, so we used it for our seating for the family picture! See - still a big group even if we're missing quite a few folks!

And, of course, a silly pic!
The guys hid quite a few eggs and it covered a lot of property, so the hunt took quite a while!

In the end Abigail found the golden egg with $20 hidden inside!
We had lots of good food & fellowship with everyone!

And we took a little nature hike and mom made it all the way with us - we did stop in the shade a couple times and got a little mother/daughter shoot - we were missing Teresa b/c she was still snuggling Roman!
This young man, who is learning to crawl, was the hit of the party, of course!
 Even when he was snoozing!
I think this one has outgrown his mama's lap!
And when Aaron & Justin were walking down to the lake with Uncle John they brought back this souvenir - no thank you!!!
We never figured out what kind it was, just that it was BIG!

Aaron spent as much time fishing as he possibly could!
After we came home from our weekend the Easter Bunny had left goodies for the kids out on the patio and we got in a couple family photos, too - something we don't get often enough!