Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Emma's Secret Santa

Emma and some of her friends got together this year and decided to do a Secret Santa! They planned this for several weeks and when they finally figured out what they wanted to do one of the other mothers and I made it happen!!

We started off with dinner at Grimaldi's (only the best brick oven pizza ever) and then hit up the waterway and the ice skating rink! They had a blast!!

I didn't get many pics, but you can tell they all had a good time!
Secret Santa
Secret Santa
They each bought a gag gift and a real gift for their Secret Santa!
Secret Santa
They were missing one friend who couldn't make it last minute. I love Emma's circle of friends! It's important your circle builds you up and is always happy for your successes and helps you when you fall. That's what Emma has in this circle and I hope she always does!
Secret Santa

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