Friday, October 26, 2018

Red Ribbon Week

Well, this week has been Red Ribbon week at school and Emma and her besties have gone all out!!

Monday was a TEAM effort - so the girls dressed up as Things from Dr. Seuss. 

Good job girlies!!!

Tuesday was TACKY day - which Emma really went all out for! Secretly I think she had the most fun with this one!
(It was still a little dark outside when I left, so my pic wasn't great!)
And I think her friends had fun with this one, too!
Wednesday was MEME day. We searched all kinds of them, but settled on Rosie the Riveter, which I thought was awesome! And Emma looked so pretty, too!!
Thursday was FANCY day; however, Emma said she didn't feel like wearing a skirt or dress to school. I told her we could definitely do dressy in pants, but I guess she wasn't feeling it!

So, FF on to Friday!

Friday brings Character Day! Emma and her friends bought shirts the colors of their characters and then just got craft decorating them. Personally I thought that was pretty smart and frugal of them! Plus they love to get crafty and create! Emma and Kylie went as Lilo and Stitch!

Great job all week!

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