Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Celebrating Daddy

Yesterday was Michael's birthday! We went out for a nice dinner and the kids made him homemade cards - the best kind in my opinion - and we showered him with gifts!

Well, all but one b/c I went to the store to buy it and when they didn't have his size they told me, "Just order'll be here in 2-5 days!" Yeah - that was over a week I had to settle for a picture of it and then found out it won't be here till next Tuesday. I almost didn't even tell him what it was and we were gonna make him wait another week, but the kids said no, just tell him! LOL

Daddy picked a good spot - the coconut shrimp was colossal and so yum! We should have shared one plate b/c both of us ended up taking home well over half of our dinners!
Michael’s Bday 2018

Reading his cards the kids made!
Michael’s Bday 2018 Michael’s Bday 2018

Michael’s Bday 2018
Michael’s Bday 2018
Michael’s Bday 2018 Michael’s Bday 2018
The kids were also excited b/c they got to have something sweet! I've limited or eliminated all grains and sugar from my diet for the most part for a while now, but Michael is finally on board, too...which means we've got rid of 90% of that stuff from the house. There are still GoldFish in the pantry and occasionally some rice or something, but no sugar for sure. So, Emma got to pick out daddy's birthday dessert that the four of us shared!
Michael’s Bday 2018

I think they enjoyed it!
   Michael’s Bday 2018 Michael’s Bday 2018

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

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