Friday, May 19, 2017

What a Season!

What a season these boys had!!! They were just a couple runs shy of winning it all, but took 2nd place this year!
These boys played like champions tonight!!! Here's to a great season White Sox!! In the end of the final we were behind a couple runs unfortunately, but it wasn't for lack of anything from these boys. They should all be proud! #baseballlife⚾️:hear
Proud Daddy/Coach!
Making great memories and sharing such a love for the game!!! ⚾️❤⚾️❤⚾️❤⚾️
LOVE to watch this boy play!!!
Making that tag at 3rd!!! ❤⚾️⚾️❤
Then after regular season it was time for the All Star game and Aaron along with three of his teammates made the All Star team this season! Could not be more proud!
AllStar Game
It was a tough game and they played just like All Stars! Came back to rally in the end and won it all!!!
AllStar Game
AllStar Game
Now dab for me!
AllStar Game
This boy here played a great game!
AllStar Game
Getting that out!
AllStar Game
Post game celebratory hug!
AllStar Game
Now we've got a tournament coming up this weekend...I have to say, it's been such a great season and I really hate to see it come to and end. 

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