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Camping Memorial Weekend

I took off Friday this past weekend to give us a long four-day weekend to enjoy some family time. We set off for the Colorado River with my niece and her family and my parents (who went up ahead of us on Tuesday). It turned out to be great weather - there was a storm coming in that kept it over cast and a little cooler. We managed to avoid the rain till the last night after we went to bed - blessed it worked out so well!

We spent a lot of time in the water, exploring trails, swinging from vines like Tarzan, grilling (we even had a sausage cook-off), and of course a lot of fishing! I think my son likes to fish more than his daddy does!!! LOL

This little beauty had so much fun! This was her 2nd camping trip with her Aunt Hanna - she loves me! Playing games in the camper at night. My crazy son! We found a bird next on one of the trails...all the babies were gone, though.  Deer were everywhere! And the park left all the grasses tall so the babies could hide.  My niece's MIL joined us …

A-Sox Win the Championship!!

So, the season is over, but baseball continues on!! We had a tournament last weekend and tonight is our team party! For the tournament three of our White Sox couldn't make it, so we picked up three players from the A's...hence the title A-Sox!!

These boys played so great. It was the top of the 3rd, though and the rain decided to put an end to the we can back that following Thursday to finish off the game and we ended with a bang!!!

Bottom of the 6th (little league's 9th) and we were down by 2. Our 2nd hitter in the line up was up to bat first for the inning. Sadly he struck out and we thought Oh No!!! Then our next at bat got on base after about 8 pitches - he kept fouling them off!! Then our 3rd batter hit a double and was able to bring in the tying run! After that Aaron was up to bat. We had a pinch runner come in on 2nd base. We told Aaron if he brought him home that was it - we'd win the championship! Aaron first pitch he knocked it - sent it sailin…

What a Season!

What a season these boys had!!! They were just a couple runs shy of winning it all, but took 2nd place this year!
Proud Daddy/Coach! LOVE to watch this boy play!!! Then after regular season it was time for the All Star game and Aaron along with three of his teammates made the All Star team this season! Could not be more proud! It was a tough game and they played just like All Stars! Came back to rally in the end and won it all!!! Now dab for me! This boy here played a great game! Getting that out! Post game celebratory hug! Now we've got a tournament coming up this weekend...I have to say, it's been such a great season and I really hate to see it come to and end. 

Mother's Day Camping Trip

Mother's Day weekend we headed to the beach! Jamaica Beach to be exact and camped with my niece and her family! This isn't the first Mother's Day we've spent in the same spot! I really didn't take a lot of pictures, well because, I was too busy playing! (And I forgot my waterproof camera, so I didn't break out my camera much by the water.)

We did have a lot of fun, though and we had the most beautiful weather all weekend!! It was perfect!

My sweet God-Daughter enjoyed a lot of lovin time from her Aunt Hanna!!
When we weren't snuggled up by the RV we were either at the beach or the pool! 
Aaron found a little friend in the water! And someone else found a bigger friend...we had to pet it, too!
Relaxing beach side! Break for ice cream, too on the sea wall! It was this beauty's first beach trip, too...I think she liked it!! Pool side was at much fun as beach side...this mother got some great relaxing for Mother's Day! Apparently daddy did, too!! It was …