Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Seems like our entire lives are baseball around here!! Not just with Aaron playing, but this past week Emma got to go down on the field at Minute Maid with her choir to sing the National Anthem before the Astros game!! It was an amazing experience for her that she will never forget!!!

Sadly, I messed up royally recording it...I hit record, but in actuality I was stopping the recording of the floor that was apparently happening at that moment. #sigh Thankfully Michael did record with his phone...I was about to cry when I realized what I had done. Thank you Michael!!!
Freeze Frame from Michael's video...
We had a great time at the ballpark - love going to baseball games, Aaron's or the Astros both!! 
Aaron was proud of his Big Sister!
Before the game started we had some fun playing at Minute Maid Squeeze Play.
Minute Maid Squeeze Play #Biggio
Biggio! Bagwell! Love them Killer Bs!!!!
Tonight we watch the Astros...tomorrow he's on the field again!! ⚾️❤⚾️❤
We had several friends come out to support Emma...and the Astros!
⚾️❤⚾️❤⚾️❤ #GoStros #AstrosWin
My little twinsies!! LOL
We had a blast!!! And Emma said it was one of the coolest things she's ever done!!

The next morning we had to get up early to go to another ballgame...
Early morning game today!!! Ended in a tie - it was a nail biter!!!!!
Love watching this boy play!!