Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend

After Good Friday we still had lots planned for the remainder of the Easter weekend!

Saturday we got up and headed to church for an Easter egg hunt! Friends were in abundance and so were the eggs...13,000 to be exact! WOW that is a lot of eggs!
Egg Hunt
This bunch found their fair share of them, too!
Egg Hunt
There was lots to do after the egg hunt, too!
Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt
Had to take time to sit in the shade and take inventory of their loot, too!
Egg Hunt
After we finished up the egg hunt, we went for lunch and then headed to my mother's house to help get ready for Easter Sunday!
Emma helped out a lot, too. This girl loves to make and she made an awesome pecan pie!
Emma's making pecan pies at Tera's for Easter tomorrow! #makingmemories #happyeaster #lovemyfamily
We spent the rest of the day there...and finished off our evening playing cards with my brother and sister-in-law till late at night! By then I had to call it - EB still had work to do and couldn't do it if our kiddos didn't get to sleep!!!
Easter Morning
Kiddos were up super early! Aaron actually was up before the sun, but I made him go back to bed. C'mon, it was like 3AM - you would have, too! LOL
When they decided to get up again it was a little closer to day light, so we were up and at 'em!
Easter Morning
Chocolate and toys...
Easter Morning
Easter Morning
EB knows this girl likes to be creative, too!
Peaceful moments!!
We had to put a hiatus on the chocolate for a while and start getting ready for church! 
Happy Easter! Hope you have a blessed day!
And I loved Emma's Easter dress this year, but she just looked so grown up...killed me! Time stop PLEASE!!!
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures at my parents' house b/c we were busy with everyone, but the best part was the egg hunt!! Y'all - the kids hid the eggs and the men did all the egg hunting! It was great!!!
We have some awesome guys in our family - this time the kids hid the eggs & the men all hunted for them!!! #greatdads #rolemodels Happy Easter!!
Looking for that Golden Egg!!!
Happy Easter from the Kubeczkas!!
Blessed to have these people!!!

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