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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Seems like our entire lives are baseball around here!! Not just with Aaron playing, but this past week Emma got to go down on the field at Minute Maid with her choir to sing the National Anthem before the Astros game!! It was an amazing experience for her that she will never forget!!!

Sadly, I messed up royally recording it...I hit record, but in actuality I was stopping the recording of the floor that was apparently happening at that moment. #sigh Thankfully Michael did record with his phone...I was about to cry when I realized what I had done. Thank you Michael!!!
Freeze Frame from Michael's video... We had a great time at the ballpark - love going to baseball games, Aaron's or the Astros both!!  Aaron was proud of his Big Sister!
Before the game started we had some fun playing at Minute Maid Squeeze Play. We had several friends come out to support Emma...and the Astros! My little twinsies!! LOL We had a blast!!! And Emma said it was one of the coolest things she's ever …

Easter Weekend

After Good Friday we still had lots planned for the remainder of the Easter weekend!

Saturday we got up and headed to church for an Easter egg hunt! Friends were in abundance and so were the eggs...13,000 to be exact! WOW that is a lot of eggs! This bunch found their fair share of them, too! There was lots to do after the egg hunt, too! Had to take time to sit in the shade and take inventory of their loot, too! After we finished up the egg hunt, we went for lunch and then headed to my mother's house to help get ready for Easter Sunday! Emma helped out a lot, too. This girl loves to make and she made an awesome pecan pie! We spent the rest of the day there...and finished off our evening playing cards with my brother and sister-in-law till late at night! By then I had to call it - EB still had work to do and couldn't do it if our kiddos didn't get to sleep!!! Kiddos were up super early! Aaron actually was up before the sun, but I made him go back to bed. C'mon, it was li…

Good Friday

We did something a little different this year for the Kubeczka side of the family for Easter and I think it turned out to be one of our best holidays yet!! Instead of cooking all day and staying cooped up in the house we took the kids out to the park and had a picnic!! We did this one year with my parents for Easter, too only it was at the zoo!!

So, we ate outside at the park and then the kids had the whole park to explore and play! We had confetti eggs, hid Easter eggs, fished (which is always a hit), had adventures all around the lakes! It was a great day!

We snagged the covered picnic area closest to the playground...score!! Which was also a plus b/c when the parents wanted a break we could sit and chill while the kids played on the playground!
Aunt Jamie brought confetti eggs, which was also a hit!! After that we sent the kids on a walk so we could hide Easter eggs and then set them loose to get find them!!
Youngest gets to go first!!!! Though honestly, I think she could hang with…

A Concert, A Ballgame, and a Birthday Party

Our Saturday was a very busy one!!! We started out going in separate directions right away. Aaron had a ballgame and at the same time Emma had a Pulse Competition on the other side of town! So - after breakfast we said our goodbyes and headed out each with a kid in tow!

Emma and I made it to her the concert with a little time to spare...time for a selfie!!
I was so proud - this girl did great! All the kids did a fantastic job and I love watching them work together! They start with these traditional instruments...and no one plays just one! They start on one, then the whole group shuffles to new instruments for the next ensemble! But then at the end, they put up the traditional instruments and pulled out buckets and can and trash was awesome!! No video can capture this sound (we weren't allowed to video anyway)...but it was like a scene from Stomp!!! Well...close maybe! They all did great and had a great time! Then Emma went bridesmaid dress shopping with me and helped me …