White Sox Baseball

Monday, March 27, 2017
Could not be more proud of how this boy is playing ball!!! He is a heavy hitter and you can just see how those instincts are kicking in! I love to see all the boys develop in the game. Before they would have to stop and think...now, Aaron just snags the ball and fires it off to where it needs to go!

This past game he fired two cannons from third all the way to first! They were beautiful!! And then he ended the game with a home run! He is definitely a power hitter...which is a good thing, too b/c his short little legs don't get him around the bases as quickly as some of the others! But he moves 'em as fast as he can!
White Sox 2017
Run baby!!
Getting some coaching from daddy!
Daddy Coaching
Good game! Good game!
Good Game
Can't wait for the next game...tomorrow!!!