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Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 2017

The Rodeo has come and gone from Houston for another year! We actually almost didn't make it this year...we only went once this year and waited till the very last day! It was a lot of fun - super crowded, being the last day I'm sure a lot of people were had the same plan as us! It was still a great time, though!
Walking into the rodeo, hand in hand! That's a rarity! LOL We started off inside for the rodeo itself. Kids loved it! This girl here loved it! Can you believe how grown she's gotten on me!?!? We ended up not staying for the concert (which I was personally sad about), but all the kids wanted to his the fairway and play some games. And ride some rides!! Emma loves the high flying rides and this time got her daddy on one with her!
These kids are amazing shots - just look at all the basketballs they won! This boy was rocking it!! Can't go to the carnival and not eat carnival food!! Had my first fried Nutella this year...y'all, this was the best thing I'…

White Sox Baseball

Could not be more proud of how this boy is playing ball!!! He is a heavy hitter and you can just see how those instincts are kicking in! I love to see all the boys develop in the game. Before they would have to stop and, Aaron just snags the ball and fires it off to where it needs to go!

This past game he fired two cannons from third all the way to first! They were beautiful!! And then he ended the game with a home run! He is definitely a power hitter...which is a good thing, too b/c his short little legs don't get him around the bases as quickly as some of the others! But he moves 'em as fast as he can!
Getting some coaching from daddy! Good game! Good game! Can't wait for the next game...tomorrow!!!

Spring Break Camping Trip

For Spring Break we took off to the lake to go camping with friends! We had such a fun trip - we were definitely not ready to come back home!!

We love taking out the camper and I love all the great memories that we are making every time we take it out - I know the kids will remember these times forever and I know for sure that I will as well! One day they'll be taking their kids and telling them about when they used to go camping as kids!

We played basketball, tennis, putt putt, shuffleboard, horse shoes, corn hole...we swam, took out the paddle boats, played on the beach and in the lake. The kids rode their bikes a hundred miles I know! Enjoyed sitting out by the campfire with friends and making s'mores! My parents came out to join us part of the time and our friend's brother and his family did, too!

Emma got a little lesson in some Cajun Cookin, too from Ms Sarah! The boys found an "alligator" to wrestle - turned out to be a big log in the lake!! So, then it wa…