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Lordy Lordy! Looks Who's 40!

I am officially married to an old man now! LOL!!! And we celebrated it all weekend long, too!

Saturday night I surprised Michael by getting a group of our friends together to go out and celebrate!! It was a fun night/morning!!

So blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!
Sunday after church we headed to the Boat/RV show down at NRG - it's nice to dream big!! Aaron & Daddy found their boats!

 Emma's like her mommy - luxury please!!

This one we ALL thought was super cool!

And Geddo found his! He actually skied behind one just like this before!

There were also lots of super great places to have a seat!
I'll take this one please!

This one would be fun to take camping, though!

 Or this one!

Needless to say we all found something we would have loved to bring home!! LOL

Monday evening we headed out to dinner to celebrate Michael's actual birth date! He just loves to be the center of attention...not really!

But he did love this cake!