Emma's 10th Birthday Party

Sunday, December 04, 2016
It is so hard to believe that it's been 10 years since this little girl came into my life!! I get sad when I realize how quickly time is moving. It's so important to make all the moments count because before you know it a decade is gone.
Emma 10 Bday (4 of 102)
Yesterday was Emma's birthday and she had a great time celebrating with friends. Emoji is everywhere this year and her party was no different!! We had an emoji backdrop with props and took lots of fun pictures, as well as made emoji pillows which turned out so cute and everyone loved them! The girls also did the mannequin challenge and the yoga challenge. So the second one I'd never heard of, but they loved seeing what kind of poses they could get into and it was hilarious to watch, too!!! The girls picked out a couple of movies and daddy went and picked them up for them - we watched Miracles From Heaven (which had me boohooing) and Nine Lives, which was cute but also had a serious undertone - these were their choices, though!
These were some serious yoga poses!
Emma 10 Bday (10 of 102)
Emma 10 Bday (11 of 102)
I don't recognize anyone!!
Emma 10 Bday (13 of 102)
These girls took their pillow making seriously!
Emma 10 Bday (47 of 102)
We didn't have blue felt so Emma's had purple tears instead of blue!
Emma 10 Bday (48 of 102)
Emma 10 Bday (50 of 102)
The one on the right she made at my great-niece's birthday party!
Emma 10 Bday (61 of 102)
They all did a really great job!
Emma 10 Bday (63 of 102)
Emoji Cookie Cake FTW and heart faces!Emma 10 Bday (65 of 102)
Finally settled down (or so I thought) for the movies with popcorn and cotton candy!
Emma 10 Bday (96 of 102)
They all had a blast!!! Then Saturday my parents wanted to take her out for dinner so they could give her their gifts and Mommy and Daddy and Aaron could as well - her choice, of course, Olive Garden - always!!! It's been a cold, rainy weekend, but definitely didn't keep us from celebrating our first born! Tomorrow we have to get her Rocking Chair pictures done - this is her last year to show her age on her fingers...now that she's in the double digits!!! TEN!! It just does not seem possible!

We love you baby girl more than anything in the world!!!!
Love Mommy, Daddy and Aaron