Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Christmas Eve we headed over to my in-laws' house to celebrate with the Kubeczka side. This year we took a couple of games for everyone to play and I think they were a huge hit!! We played a reindeer game where we had to make antlers for one of our team members to wear and then we also played the cling wrap game. Both were so much fun and I think everyone had a blast playing!!
Game time!
Christmas Eve
I have to say I am sure it wasn't even for the kids to know which way to look with three cameras pointed at them...I don't think I got one with them all looking my way! LOL
Cookie time - she took this seriously!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
Lego Score!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
Christmas Day we didn't leave the house except to go to church! I love Christmas morning...Aaron came in and crawled in the bed with us. He snuggled up a bit and then after a while he leaned into my ear and whispered "Santa brought me Criss Cross Crash!" - and then he just snuggled back up with me! It wasn't till a few minutes later when Emma was standing by the bed saying "Santa came!!" that we finally got up! When I checked my phone for the time it was 6:30 in the morning!!! Zzzzz...
Christmas Day
They got so many things from their wishlists, too! It was awesome to see them so excited!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
This year it was Mommy that got a new bike!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
Aaron lost another tooth Christmas morning, too! A day earlier and Santa and the Tooth Fairy would've had a date!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
Headed to church!
Headed to church on Christmas Day
Two of my favorite ladies!!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
Cheers to you Geddo!
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
For Christmas dinner I cooked up an awesome prime rib roast if I do say so myself!
It was amazing! Mouth watering!
Prime rib roast

Merry Christmas