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Christmas / New Year's Celebration

We had an amazing family celebration for Christmas with my side of the family. We had it New Year's Eve up in East Texas at the lake. Michael and the kids went up Tuesday morning with my parents and took the campers...unfortunately I had to work, but I joined them Thursday evening as soon as I was able to get out of work! All of the family was in town and several of us camped. The marina in my hometown catered our event and we had our party at their restaurant. It turned out to be an awesome party!!! We had games for all the kids and some of the best food and what was the best part was no one had to worry about cleaning up their house (before or after), no one had to cook and the best part, no one had to do dishes!!! It was a zero stress or rush holiday and we had a great time. I think we've set a precedent for years to come!

Here are a few take aways from the day and the trip to East Texas!

Games were played - lots of games!! Picking up candy canes... Making Reindeer Antlers …

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Eve we headed over to my in-laws' house to celebrate with the Kubeczka side. This year we took a couple of games for everyone to play and I think they were a huge hit!! We played a reindeer game where we had to make antlers for one of our team members to wear and then we also played the cling wrap game. Both were so much fun and I think everyone had a blast playing!!
I have to say I am sure it wasn't even for the kids to know which way to look with three cameras pointed at them...I don't think I got one with them all looking my way! LOL Cookie time - she took this seriously! Lego Score! Christmas Day we didn't leave the house except to go to church! I love Christmas morning...Aaron came in and crawled in the bed with us. He snuggled up a bit and then after a while he leaned into my ear and whispered "Santa brought me Criss Cross Crash!" - and then he just snuggled back up with me! It wasn't till a few minutes later when Emma was standing by the …

Moody Gardens Iceland & Festival of Lights

I could seriously overload this post with all the pictures that I took - there was just so much to see at Moody Gardens this year for Iceland and the Festival of Lights. We met up with my family in Galveston and it was a blast!!!
The Ice Slide was definitely a favorite!! All the cousins had so much fun together and it was nice to experience a little cold for's been in the 80s around here lately, so it was nice to have a reason to wear a coat!! LOL

Frank's 2017 Visits

Well another Christmas has come and gone and with that means 24 days of Frank! He had a good visit with the Kubeczka Kids this Christmas season. I love seeing the kids wake up every morning and search high and low to find Frank and see what he's gotten into over the night!!

Here is a quick recap of his visit this year!!
See ya next year Frank!