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Be Thankful

We have so much to be thankful for in our lives and I am so happy to say we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. It was a very low key Thanksgiving, which is something to be thankful for in itself! My family is pretty spread out so we didn't all get to be together physically for Thanksgiving this year. Each of my siblings were in different places with their kids, so my family of four spent the day at my parents' house. We have a big shindig for Christmas planned with the whole group, though so I'm definitely looking forward to that when we'll all be together again.

Our Thanksgiving Day started off bright and early - we went out for breakfast and the kids had hot chocolate!
Then we rushed over to mom & dad's house to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (which I love to watch) and help get our dinner going! We had a great day at my parents' house and made a not so traditional Thanksgiving feast - we decided we'd make a big pot of gumbo and i…

Kreinhop Krescendos

It's Thanksgiving morning now...I just snuck out and got my run in while the rest of the fam is still snoozing!!! When I got home I went back through my pics on my phone a while and realized I never posted from Emma's concert this past weekend!!

I am so proud of this girl. She is really growing into an amazing young lady and impressing me all the time! She's been in Pulse at her school for music and they along with the Choir had their first concert last Saturday at the Dickens Market. They did so great and I was so proud of her. Emma played the xylophone, bass xylophones, eggs (basic beat) and a glockenspiel.  She did so great - they all did and she had a blast! She loves it!! It was a great way for us to really kick off the holiday season, too!!
Proud Geddo & Teta!! And just b/c I thought the church had such pretty stained glass!! I recorded all the songs Emma played and put them together if you'd like to watch. I didn't record the ones with the choir singing,…

Camp Life

Well we were off again in our camper this weekend! This time our whole family had the park taken over - we had four family campers out there this weekend and we were actually missing two! It was opening weekend of deer season, which my husband and son were so excited about and it was absolutely great weather for us, too. 
I kept up with my running at the park and it was the best run ever - I had great weather and a gorgeous view and got to watch the sun come up over the water while I ran and beat my best time by like two minutes! I think I should be at the lake all the time now - which is fitting b/c I grew up on this lake!
I always miss it and wonder if I shouldn't be back here raising my babies when I visit! We definitely got all our steps in exploring! And we all had fun on the playground - kids and non-kids alike! LOL And what is camping without s'mores...but what is s'mores without a campfire? Yes, the county was under a burn ban, but luckily my niece was resourceful…


We had another fun and successful year of Trick-or-Treating!! We have one of the best neighborhoods for Halloween! There are tons of kids out all over the place and lots of houses handing out candy - we could just have a huge street party every year!!

This year Aaron opted not to be a WWE Wrestler like he has the past couple of years and was a very scary Werewolf! Emma put her own costume together this year - I was proud of her creativity and in the end she was a very colorful and neon Unicorn!! She was going for a bright little monster till she added the horn!!!
We always load up the trailer and take the kids all over the neighborhood and go through the annual haunted house in one our neighbor's houses - they really do a great job every year!! We had a couple of baseball friends come join us this year, too! We had some real characters out and about!! LOL!  Our wonderful chauffeur!! When Michael and I came in from putting up the trailer the kids were organizing all their candy! LOL …