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Down by the Campfire

We love camping!! Earlier this summer, though we sold our pop-up. We've had it three years and have loved our adventures with it, but it was time for an upgrade! About a month ago we bought a bigger camper and this weekend we took it out for our first trip along with my parents who got a new fifth wheel just about the time we got ours!

We headed out Thursday night and even let the kids play hooky on Friday! I still had to work Friday morning, but there is Wi-Fi everywhere now, so I hooked up in the rec center for Friday morning, got my work done and then off for family fun!! Halloween camping is always fun, too b/c most places have lots of events and trick-or-treating for the kiddos!

Aaron's favorite part is fishing - kid loves to fish!!
Which makes his daddy very happy b/c daddy loves to fish, too! We also played tennis... and putt putt... and we swam...well, the kids swam & I tried, but the water was freezing and I just couldn't handle it. The kids didn't care, …