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Let's Go Yankees

Fall Ball is well under way and this season we are the Yankees!! If we can't be the Astros again it's pretty cool to be the Yankees I guess and I have to admit, the boys all look sharp out there in their pinstripe pants, too!!

With their second game in the books they are 2-0 so far for the season - we have six boys returning to the team and have some great new players that are turning into good friends. It's great to play new seasons with old friends, but it's great to make new friends, too.

Here's some pics from our first games!

The other moms are all happy to have Emma back, too b/c she has become the favorite of all the little ones and helps to keep them busy and having fun during the games! Sending it to the fence!!! His batting is on point this season! Coaches huddle post game with the boys! Daddy coaching first base! "Good Game - Good Game - Good Game"
Silly boys! Saturday evening we celebrated Jordan's birthday with a Nerf Party - guns were bla…