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Back to School

Well, another school year is upon us and just like every other year the first day of school yields many, many pictures of cute kiddos with new outfits, fresh haircuts and and excitement for what the year holds!

Emma and Aaron are off to 4th and 1st Grades this year. They still have this year and next to be on the same campus together thankfully and this year was the easiest for me by far...I will admit my eyes got a little wet, but I held it together leaving them behind in their classrooms. It's hard to admit that my babies are growing up - I wish I could just keep them little forever!!

Texans Training Camp

A few weeks back we got tickets to go watch the Texans at Training Camp!! And today was the day. Sadly my mother got very sick and my daddy had to leave for work, so I spent Saturday night with her and stayed with her Sunday while Michael took the kids and met his brother and SIL.

The kids had a blast and, of course, got new autographs. They got our new QBs autograph twice! Michael sent me texts and pics with updates as the day went on!
Michael swore he brushed Aaron's hair before they left...idk, looks like something happened to it before this picture! LOL
Go Toro!!
The Houston Texans FB page had a live video and I got to see Emma there, too!! (See her behind the two guys in front - pink Watt jersey!) And then she was also spotted on the Houston Texans website!! Would you turn down that sweet face for an autograph!?!?
They were so excited when they came home to tell me and Teta all about it!! But after a while getting up that early took its toll and they both succumb to sleep!! H…

Rockport Day 3

Our third day in Rockport we headed out early to Goose Island Park. It was beautiful. Our first stop was the Big Tree! It's a coastal live oak that is over 1,000 years old!
The tree was fenced off so we couldn't get too close; however, there were plenty of amazing looking trees around it and great for climbing! Daddy even climbed with them!! LOL After a while up in the trees we headed over to the water to do some more crabbing!  We crabbed in Goose Park for a while, came back to the hotel for a quick rest and lunch and then headed over to the Big Blue Crab by the beach later in the evening to crab some more.  We had a successful day of crabbing, so much so that we grilled em up for a feast on the beach! The kids played while daddy did the grilling! This was the best dinner we had - we bought some huge shrimp to go along with the crabs. Perfect combo! After dinner we headed down to the water - it was sunset so the view was beautiful, too! Michael and I chilled in the sand and e…

Rockport Day 2

Our second day in Rockport and our first full day was mostly spent on the beach!! As that was the main reason we headed that direction! We got up and had breakfast and headed out to get a good spot on the beach for the day. I think we made it onto the sand around 10:30 that morning and stayed until the afternoon! It was a beautiful day - started off a little cloudy, which was great to shade us a little from the sun. We set up our EZ up and beach blanket and simply played and relaxed!!  The first thing the kids and their daddy did was start hunting shells and they found plenty...and ALL with inhabitants, too! We had hermit crabs for days!! In the end, though, we let them all go!! The water was so shallow we were able to venture out very far from shore! One thing about being in the water so long is it tires you out! Aaron decided it was time to lay down for a while, so daddy & Emma went back to our room and grabbed the groceries we bought for our lunch. He asked me to cover him hea…