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Winsboro, Texas

This past weekend we drove four hours to Winsboro, Texas to celebrate the 13th birthday of my niece's oldest daughter...yes, that would be my great-niece and NO I am not old enough to be a great-aunt, but yet I am!! LOL I have a few great-nieces and nephews older than her, too! Big family, this is the norm!!
It is kind of hard to believe this one is already a teenager! Doesn't seem possible, yet here she is growing up so fast!!
She had an emoji/slumber party and it was so much fun! The girls did a lot of stuff including making their own emoji pillows!! They all turned out so cute and Emma loved do I! I think she did a great job! They also had an outdoor showing of Zootopia...this was a big hit, too! The next day after all the birthday girl's friends had been picked up the family all took off to see the sites of Winsboro! It's a cool little town with a lot of charm and neat shopping!  And I have to hand it to the boys - they were troopers as all us gals were s…