Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 19, 2016
We've had a wonder Father's Day weekend!

We started during the week when hubs got his first Father's Day present a little bit early and he used it to cook us up a phenomenal dinner!
Little pre-Father's Day gift for the hubs!!! πŸ€πŸ΄πŸ—πŸ–
Friday night we had ballgames and dinner with my niece and her husband - then came back to the house and had everyone over playing Card Against Humanity until like one in the morning! Needless to say when hubby got up early Saturday morning to go play basketball, the kids and I slept in!!! Emma had a sleepover that night as well, so when all the kids were up I got breakfast going and we just took our time starting the day!! 

Saturday evening we headed out to the circus. This may have been the last time to see these big guys at the show, too since they're leaving the circus family this year. 
Enjoying some popcorn!!
Circus - eating popcorn!
Today the kids all piled up in our bed bright and early to wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day then we all headed off to church. Afterwards we hit the grocery store to prep for some more of daddy's great grilling! Yes, he did the cooking on Father's Day, but a) He's a good chef and b) He likes playing with his new toy!!!
Father's Day (1 of 19)
Geddo and Teta came over as well for dinner! His fury grandchildren were equally as happy to see him! LOL My daddy has a special bond with Soldier!
Father's Day (2 of 19)
Father's Day (3 of 19)
We have a frog living in the flower pot I keep the garden hose in and I showed him to Aaron tonight - that frog is like WHY?? Why did you sell me out!??!?
Father's Day (6 of 19)
Sweets after dinner!
Father's Day (12 of 19)
Michael got a few other Father's Day gifts including a pretty new flower for his garden!! Might have to go back for another to go on the other side now!
Father's Day (13 of 19)