Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

We've had a wonder Father's Day weekend!

We started during the week when hubs got his first Father's Day present a little bit early and he used it to cook us up a phenomenal dinner!
Little pre-Father's Day gift for the hubs!!! 🍤🍴🍗🍖
Friday night we had ballgames and dinner with my niece and her husband - then came back to the house and had everyone over playing Card Against Humanity until like one in the morning! Needless to say when hubby got up early Saturday morning to go play basketball, the kids and I slept in!!! Emma had a sleepover that night as well, so when all the kids were up I got breakfast going and we just took our time starting the day!! 

Saturday evening we headed out to the circus. This may have been the last time to see these big guys at the show, too since they're leaving the circus family this year. 
Enjoying some popcorn!!
Circus - eating popcorn!
Today the kids all piled up in our bed bright and early to wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day then we all headed off to church. Afterwards we hit the grocery store to prep for some more of daddy's great grilling! Yes, he did the cooking on Father's Day, but a) He's a good chef and b) He likes playing with his new toy!!!
Father's Day (1 of 19)
Geddo and Teta came over as well for dinner! His fury grandchildren were equally as happy to see him! LOL My daddy has a special bond with Soldier!
Father's Day (2 of 19)
Father's Day (3 of 19)
We have a frog living in the flower pot I keep the garden hose in and I showed him to Aaron tonight - that frog is like WHY?? Why did you sell me out!??!?
Father's Day (6 of 19)
Sweets after dinner!
Father's Day (12 of 19)
Michael got a few other Father's Day gifts including a pretty new flower for his garden!! Might have to go back for another to go on the other side now!
Father's Day (13 of 19)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I say Yea Yea Yea Yes to V-V-V-V-VBS!

That's what my kids have been singing all week! They love going to VBS and tonight was their program at the church. Tomorrow is their last day to go.
VBS 2016
VBS 2016
The theme this year was Submerged!
VBS 2016
We felt like we were walking underwater everywhere we went! The decorations were pretty phenomenal!! 
VBS 2016
These pictures do absolutely no justice at all to how it all looked and felt! Everything was swinging or moving and there were projections in was so well done!
VBS 2016
VBS 2016
VBS 2016
Proud Geddo and Teta!
VBS 2016
One acting crazy, one with a cookie in her mouth, one not smiling for the camera, me just glad to get a picture with all four of us in it! LOL
VBS 2016
They've had a great week. They had over 750 children enrolled this week and the Children's Pastor said tonight they have had 69 children come forward to accept Jesus! What a blessing! I love our church and all they do for the children!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fun in the Sun

So, Thursday we took off on an impromptu overnight trip to the beach! We didn't have a long stay b/c Aaron had a game Friday evening, but it was still a lot of fun and definitely needed!

First thing that always happens in hotel rooms?? Bed jumping! It's a must
Galveston (2 of 26)
The first night we spent our time in the hotel pool and spa, walking on the beach a bit and then dinner and back to the hotel pool!
Galveston (7 of 26)
Galveston (15 of 26)
I was going to edit the flyaway hair, but thought I'd just let it be instead - see how windy it was!
Galveston (18 of 26)
Galveston (24 of 26)
Galveston (26 of 26)
Emma took off with my camera most of the time they were in the pool!
Galveston (Nikon) (36 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (11 of 108)
The next day we went out for a yummy breakfast and then spent the rest of the day in the sand and the water! We had a blast jumping waves and building sand castles!
Galveston (Nikon) (57 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (62 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (78 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (90 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (92 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (103 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (107 of 108)
Galveston (Nikon) (108 of 108)
So thankful for these memories! Until next time!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Getting into the summer groove...

The kids are starting off summer right - enjoying time with friends and Emma is find her inner baker!!

We are losing Carlton for the summer (sniff sniff), but the rest of the gang is ready for some fun this summer!
We had a super fun day with friends today playing & even a midday movie! 👫👬👭🎬🎬
Lately when Emma is bored she wants to make something - anything! I am not a baker, so I am sure she gets this from my mother and I'm thankful she gets to spend the time with her to help develop her baker skills! But she found a recipe for a chocolate cake on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box and made it all herself. I promise you it was the best chocolate cake I've ever had!!
She powdered it up for some extra goodness!!
We didn't have everything for the icing, so she just sprinkled confectioners sugar on top - it was pretty and yummy!
I love the look of pride on her face, too!! And I'm super proud of her!!!
She was so proud of her cake and I was proud of her, too! I mean I did lend a hand starting her up with the mixer, but pretty much this was all her!

We took an impromptu overnight trip to the beach (more on that in another post) and Aaron had his first game after all the rain outs for his summer league team this week, too. Plus we had a birthday party today at the skate we've been on the go constantly since Thursday morning!
Birthday party fun!!!
Coming up - our beach trip and the Texas Heat hits the diamond!!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

School's Out For Summer

And as always it's bittersweet for everyone! Aaron survived his first year of school - or rather was it the teachers that survived him?!?! And my big girl is now a 4th grader - holy cow how did that happen? The last day of school the kids played Minute to Win it games. They were hilarious! I've been in years past to watch all of Emma's and since I had to split the time this year I joined Aaron for the games and then went to Emma's class for the after party.

We did have a very foggy start to our Friday morning - frankly it was a small break from all the rain we've been getting here in Houston so I'll take it!

Why yes, my daughter did wear her Minnie Mouse ears to school! Let them be unique!! LOL
Last day of school 2016
This pic was in my Timehop from their last day of school last year...well, Aaron's last day of Day Care actually! He's thickened up since then and Emma's hair has really grown out, which she was happy about!
Last day of school last year and last day of school this year!! ❤️❤️❤️
I ❤️ Timehop!!

They were all ready for the last day!
Last day of school 2016
Last day of school 2016
Aaron's class played some fun and cute games!
Last day of school 2016
Cookie in your face is always hilarious to watch! I should have done a video instead of a photo, though!
Last day of school 2016
Aaron's little friend is moving away so they won't get to be classmates next year. :(
Last day of school 2016
Since I missed Emma's games I made it for snacks back in her homeroom and they busted out the ChromeBooks to work on - she actually always pulls up this site when she's in there so her teachers and classmates are fans of MishMish.Org! LOL
Last day of school 2016
We loved her 3rd grade teacher - she actually goes to church with us as well and I think Emma will be in her Sunday School class as a 4th grader!
Last day of school 2016

Another great year in the books!!