Monday, May 16, 2016

A Weekend of Baseball and Softball

The Astros (the mini version) had their first tournament this weekend, which also meant our first overnight trip for baseball! It wasn't too far from home, just on the other side of town...but in Houston the other side of Houston can be an overnight trip!! And especially b/c we had plans downtown already Saturday night and we had early games the second day of the tourney!

The boys didn't come home with the win, but to be fair it was the first time any of them had played coach pitch, too. I was so proud of the boys, though and excited to see Aaron hit off the coach pitch!
Aaron Batting
Our second game actually got rained out so we left early to head downtown for the 4th annual JJ Watt Charity Softball Classic...we go every year and it's always a blast!
We had amazing seats again this year - right behind the first base dugout. The kids literally were able to sit on the dugout and talk to the players and get autographs. Most of the players are so nice and generous with the kids. 
JJ Watt (114 of 115)
I was happily surprised to see our former first lady throw out the first pitch, too - I thought that was pretty cool and I wish I'd had a shot of her Watt socks, too! LOL
JJ Watt (33 of 115)
We got most our autographs on daddy's Texans hat this year!
JJ Watt (63 of 115)
JJ Watt (101 of 115)
JJ Watt (94 of 115)
JJ Watt (84 of 115)
JJ Watt (106 of 115)
And, of course, our new QB!! Hello!!
JJ Watt (59 of 115)
These ladies were sitting by us and pretty much adopted my children for the evening - LOL! I think they might've taken Aaron home with them if I would have let them! Watch out ladies - he's mine!
JJ Watt (108 of 115)
And, of course, the man of the hour...
JJ Watt (73 of 115)
JJ Watt (76 of 115)
JJ Watt (72 of 115)
JJ Watt (70 of 115)
JJ Watt (105 of 115)
They Berry Kids are there for every game and they pulled the raffle winners this year...
JJ Watt (88 of 115)
It was a great weekend....though albeit a wet one. We had a blast all weekend! Until next year JJ!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

was mostly spent at the ball park! That is our life these days! Emma's season ended Saturday and I have to say it was awesome watching these girls this season! I can honestly say we could say game by game the improvement in the team as a whole and in each of these young ladies. This was Emma's first season to play and she really blew me away. She didn't pitch the first games, but then decided she wanted to give it a try. Her first few games she didn't get many strikes, but as the season went on she saw more and more and got several strike outs! Our last win was b/c she struck out three girls in a row to end the game!! Can you tell I am one proud mommy - I am ready for next season already!
Orange Crush 5-7-16 (3 of 35)
Orange Crush 5-7-16 (21 of 35)
Orange Crush 5-7-16 (31 of 35)
Aaron has had one heck of a season as well - this is his third season to play. His team is in first right now and they had a heck of a win over the first place team to take over the number one spot this past week! 
Coach even got doused after that game! It was like playing in the world series!
Astros 5-3-16 (33 of 47)
These boys were proud...
Astros 5-3-16 (46 of 47)
Astros 5-3-16 (43 of 47)
and so were their daddies!
Astros 5-3-16 (41 of 47)
Then Aaron and three of his teammates got picked for All Stars - since we were in 1st place we got four players! 
Allstar Game (28 of 38)
They brought their game!
Allstar Game (23 of 38)
Allstar Game (24 of 38)
Allstar Game (25 of 38)
and in the end it was a tie - which was good b/c friends didn't have to lose to friends!

Allstar Game (30 of 38)
They make a great team!
Allstar Game (36 of 38)
And today has been a great Mother's Day and end to the weekend! We grilled with family and had a great time hanging out and these little people made it so special!
So thankful to be their mommy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️