Start of the Double Headers

Monday, April 04, 2016
Every weekend in April we have at least two games!! Emma has double headers 4 out of the 5 weekends in April and Aaron has games every weekend, too - plus he has weekday games. Our world just got super busy this month! Saturday we had three games - Aaron had the early morning game and then Emma had back to back games starting just before lunchtime!

This boy is becoming an awesome first baseman!
And my girl made me so proud - she pitched for the first time and did amazing! I was so excited! She still needs to work a little on strength because she didn't always make a strong enough pitch to make it over the plate, but she was dead on each time just about! And she loved it!!
She did some great fielding, too and it was so needed because we ended up being a couple of girls down. 
Then about half way into Emma's 2nd game Aaron and I had to leave f or a birthday party for one of his teammates. 
Bday party fun
Bday party fun
Bday party fun
Bday party fun
Sunday was just as busy, though less fun and more work! We worked out in the back yard all afternoon after church - gotta get Spring ready around here!! Then Sunday evening Emma had a birthday party of her own to attend! 
They had a blast and when the party was over we headed home to have dinner & watch Wrestlemania 32 out on the patio! After the sun went down we had to wrap up a bit more - the weather has turned cool!
And of course, we have to act out battles while we watch!
Setting up for a Royal Rumble!!! #wwe #wrestlemania32
This weekend was definitely a fun & full one...and the calendar for next Saturday is even more full! Bring it on!!