Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Play Ball

Aaron had a game Thursday night & won - it was their 4th win in a row!! The boys all played awesome!!
Astros 4-9-2106 (31 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (22 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (15 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (1 of 45)
Friday was a full day for Field Day and softball practice!

Then on Saturday we started the ball games with a carnival and parade at the park!
Astros 04-09-2016 (3 of 5)
After this I didn't get to take any pictures of the ball game b/c I had to be scorekeeper. Our normal scorekeeper wasn't able to be there so I was elected - I haven't kept a baseball scorebook since I was in HS, but it all came back pretty quickly. Baseball records everything!!

It was a full morning, though - parade, carnival, pictures and ball games - then we had a little break to come home and put together patio furniture. We've been in the middle of a patio remodel for a long time and are just now getting to the furniture stage! But that's all for another post!! 

Then after a couple hours we were headed back to the ball park for Emma's softball game. They did not win, but she played well and hard! She even caught a pop fly while playing catcher to make a great out...and she got the game ball. 2nd time!!!
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (1 of 19)
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (4 of 19)
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (12 of 19)
After the game the kids hung out for the evening with Geddo & Teta and we had a date night out with friends. We all met up for dinner and drinks and then went to Escape the Room. It was a blast and we did make it out before time ran out! We will be back...even booked our next time before we left!!
We made it out!!!!


  1. That first picture is awesome! XOXO Your pictures always make me miss baseball!

    1. We are definitely in full swing - and I complain about being so busy with sports, but I know I'll miss it when it's gone!

  2. Her face when she caught that ball was priceless! Sounds like the Lock was a good time, we'll have to convince Steven to give it a try! ;)

    1. And I love seeing her when she gets a strike - she pumps her fist and mouths the word "YES"!


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