Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pics Lately

Just sharing....

This was my favorite pic from the game Tuesday!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (29 of 36)
(Confession - I meant to post it yesterday, but didn't for some reason!)
After the game on Tuesday we went to Chick-fil-A...good b/c I didn't have to cook so late and also b/c it was character night. Shopkins were there!!
Pics lately
Some of our fellow Astros joined us, too!
Pics lately
Being silly with snapchat when I had lunch with Emma today.
Pics lately
Today I was working on my crafty, too. Another confession - I am not extremely crafty, but every once in a while I get on it! I'm trying to redecorate - I've been getting rid of things, but haven't been replacing so things are kinda bare in spots. Guess I am trying to get a blank canvas to work with or something. Well, now I'm starting to find a few pieces and what style I want. So today I painted these to use...somewhere!
Pics lately
After the kids and daddy got home we got started on dinner and Emma helped me in the kitchen!
Pics lately
Pastor stuffed bell peppers and fajitas were a hit! We had dinner out on the patio - a regular thing these days - and then after baths we were back out for some popcorn and TV. 
Pics lately
Now kids are snoozing and daddy is watching the draft. Think I'm ready to wind it down myself for the night!


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