Pedicure Play Date

Friday, April 22, 2016
That's what we have on tap for day 5 of our weather break from school! At home spa days are fun...and messy! Messy has been a trend this week, but like I said I don't mind the mess as long as it gets cleaned up.
Pedicure (1 of 6)
The girls got a hold of Aaron's hair and colored it with hair chalk!!
Pedicure (2 of 6)
Products a plenty!
Pedicure (3 of 6)
They have lots of choices!
Pedicure (4 of 6)
Maybe I should ask them to do mine next!
Pedicure (5 of 6)
Aaron lost interest pretty quick in the at home spa! Yes - he took over Soldier's bed, too! LOL
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Tonight we're heading out to daddy's work for a fun afternoon and good eats so now Emma's toes will be all pretty!