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Astros & Orange Crush

They have both been on a roll...Emma's team has won their last three and Aaron's has won their last 8! They are in 2nd as of right now, but after tonight's win might be in first! We'll see tomorrow!

I'm so impressed with the improvement we have seen this season in Orange Crush! And Emma has surely come a long way as pitcher! Their last win she struck out three batters in a row to end the game and win as we were up by one! It was awesome, too b/c it was a team that we had previously lost to...awesome way to meet them again!

Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (13 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (4 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (5 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (3 of 15)
Cannot wait to see what they do this Saturday!!

And tonight our mini Astros played some amazing baseball! 
Astros 4-26-2016 (12 of 36)
Astros 4-26-2016 (32 of 36)
He can turn around when he's up to bat for his mommy!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (32 of 36)
Boys are on it!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (26 of 36)
Striding over home plate!
Astros 4-26-2016 (17 of 36)
I just love watching them both play!!


  1. I'm so glad their teams are doing so well! XOXO

    1. Thanks!! They are both loving it, too!!

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