Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spontaneous Free Afternoon

So with even MORE rain for us this morning, the fields were too wet to play so all games today got cancelled. We made it to the fields for Aaron's game before they finally called it so all the team was together, so we hit up Crust pizza to eat and hang out for a while. THEN we realized we had the entire afternoon free since Emma's games were cancelled, too. So, what do we do??

Well, Emma and I took advantage and got a three week head start on making her products to sell for Market Day. She wanted to make something with Duct Tape, so we made bookmarks and then we found some cute BookWorm Pencil Toppers to make, too so we made those, too. They all turned out cute!
Market Day
Market Day
Market Day
Market Day
Then on to the bookmarks...
Market Day
Market Day
I really liked these, too - easy and functional and no more dog ears in books!
Market Day
Turned out to be a productive afternoon for her!
Market Day
Tonight the grown ups get some fun, too - we are headed back to Escape the Room with friends while the kids get a sleepover at Teta & Geddo's!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pics Lately

Just sharing....

This was my favorite pic from the game Tuesday!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (29 of 36)
(Confession - I meant to post it yesterday, but didn't for some reason!)
After the game on Tuesday we went to Chick-fil-A...good b/c I didn't have to cook so late and also b/c it was character night. Shopkins were there!!
Pics lately
Some of our fellow Astros joined us, too!
Pics lately
Being silly with snapchat when I had lunch with Emma today.
Pics lately
Today I was working on my crafty, too. Another confession - I am not extremely crafty, but every once in a while I get on it! I'm trying to redecorate - I've been getting rid of things, but haven't been replacing so things are kinda bare in spots. Guess I am trying to get a blank canvas to work with or something. Well, now I'm starting to find a few pieces and what style I want. So today I painted these to use...somewhere!
Pics lately
After the kids and daddy got home we got started on dinner and Emma helped me in the kitchen!
Pics lately
Pastor stuffed bell peppers and fajitas were a hit! We had dinner out on the patio - a regular thing these days - and then after baths we were back out for some popcorn and TV. 
Pics lately
Now kids are snoozing and daddy is watching the draft. Think I'm ready to wind it down myself for the night!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Astros & Orange Crush

They have both been on a roll...Emma's team has won their last three and Aaron's has won their last 8! They are in 2nd as of right now, but after tonight's win might be in first! We'll see tomorrow!

I'm so impressed with the improvement we have seen this season in Orange Crush! And Emma has surely come a long way as pitcher! Their last win she struck out three batters in a row to end the game and win as we were up by one! It was awesome, too b/c it was a team that we had previously lost to...awesome way to meet them again!

Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (13 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (4 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (5 of 15)
Orange Crush 4-23-2016 (3 of 15)
Cannot wait to see what they do this Saturday!!

And tonight our mini Astros played some amazing baseball! 
Astros 4-26-2016 (12 of 36)
Astros 4-26-2016 (32 of 36)
He can turn around when he's up to bat for his mommy!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (32 of 36)
Boys are on it!!
Astros 4-26-2016 (26 of 36)
Striding over home plate!
Astros 4-26-2016 (17 of 36)
I just love watching them both play!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Doesn't Look Like My Easy Bake Oven

Well, the Easy Bake Oven is still around, but it doesn't resemble the one I had as a kid at all! Still cooks just the same, though and Emma loves baking with hers!

This evening while Daddy and Aaron are out at tball practice she pulled hers out and made some delicious strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles!!

Easy Bake
They turned out nicely!
Easy Bake
Hard to believe due to these teeny tiny little tins!
Easy Bake
The baker cleaning the bowl!! 
Easy Bake

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pedicure Play Date

That's what we have on tap for day 5 of our weather break from school! At home spa days are fun...and messy! Messy has been a trend this week, but like I said I don't mind the mess as long as it gets cleaned up.
Pedicure (1 of 6)
The girls got a hold of Aaron's hair and colored it with hair chalk!!
Pedicure (2 of 6)
Products a plenty!
Pedicure (3 of 6)
They have lots of choices!
Pedicure (4 of 6)
Maybe I should ask them to do mine next!
Pedicure (5 of 6)
Aaron lost interest pretty quick in the at home spa! Yes - he took over Soldier's bed, too! LOL
Pedicure (6 of 6)
Tonight we're heading out to daddy's work for a fun afternoon and good eats so now Emma's toes will be all pretty!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cookie Play Dough...Who Knew?

So we ordered this Cookie Play Dough from our neighbor a while back and Emma has loved playing with it! Today her friend came over and they used up the rest of it making a cake! A four layer cake no less! LOL
Cookie play dough
They worked hard on each layer...most of them fell apart b/c they were so thin. Think of picking up a cookie cake - you can't pick up the whole thing without it breaking.

And they didn't forget the details...they made candles, too!
Cookie play dough
The whole thing bored Soldier!
Cookie play dough
Icing was abundant as well...they started spreading it with the butter knife, but somehow moved to using my basting brushes like paint brushes! SMH
Cookie play dough
Truly a hot mess...but a colorful and a fun mess! It's literally like playing with play make whatever you can imagine, only difference with this is you bake it and can eat it!
Cookie play dough
Cookie play dough
Emma likes the idea of sweet stuff, but she can usually only handle a bite or two and she's she made it through a few bites of her "cake" and decided she couldn't take any more! So, while it was fun the cake wasn't devoured! Too sweet! Daddy was sure to have some and he told her it was pretty good!
Cookie play dough
My table and floor were a mess, too...but I never mind a mess if you clean it up! After all it's boring if it never gets messy, right??

Monday, April 18, 2016

Orange Crush FTW

Emma's softball team is mostly all beginners. They only have a couple girls who have played softball before, so there was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning. But the girls do have a lot of talent, just had to figure out how to put the pieces together...and this past Saturday it all came together!
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (34 of 39)
Emma's pitching has been improving with each game - her strikes are coming more and more. And Saturday in the second half of their double header she struck out her first batter!! She was so excited and admittedly, so was I!!! And these girls all came together and pulled off their first win in game 2 of their double header Saturday - so proud of Orange Crush!!
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (33 of 39)
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (31 of 39)
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (29 of 39)
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (23 of 39)
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (22 of 39)
This is a great group of girls and I they love playing together!
Orange Crush 04-16-16 (1 of 39)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Play Ball

Aaron had a game Thursday night & won - it was their 4th win in a row!! The boys all played awesome!!
Astros 4-9-2106 (31 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (22 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (15 of 45)
Astros 4-9-2106 (1 of 45)
Friday was a full day for Field Day and softball practice!

Then on Saturday we started the ball games with a carnival and parade at the park!
Astros 04-09-2016 (3 of 5)
After this I didn't get to take any pictures of the ball game b/c I had to be scorekeeper. Our normal scorekeeper wasn't able to be there so I was elected - I haven't kept a baseball scorebook since I was in HS, but it all came back pretty quickly. Baseball records everything!!

It was a full morning, though - parade, carnival, pictures and ball games - then we had a little break to come home and put together patio furniture. We've been in the middle of a patio remodel for a long time and are just now getting to the furniture stage! But that's all for another post!! 

Then after a couple hours we were headed back to the ball park for Emma's softball game. They did not win, but she played well and hard! She even caught a pop fly while playing catcher to make a great out...and she got the game ball. 2nd time!!!
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (1 of 19)
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (4 of 19)
Orange Crush 04-09-2016 (12 of 19)
After the game the kids hung out for the evening with Geddo & Teta and we had a date night out with friends. We all met up for dinner and drinks and then went to Escape the Room. It was a blast and we did make it out before time ran out! We will be back...even booked our next time before we left!!
We made it out!!!!