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Happy Easter

We've had a full Easter weekend! Friday we met up with cousins and had something new - SubZero Ice Cream! This was the coolest thing ever - the kids loved it!
I have to admit - I thought it was pretty cool myself!

Friday evening we had Good Friday service at church and it was one of the best services ever. Everything was so great and really started our Easter weekend off right. Friday night after the service Michael and I needed a little grown up time - just for a couple hours so the kids went home to watch a movie with Teta & Geddo and we had dinner out just the two of us. It was needed for sure. There has been so much going on lately and we just needed a little bit to focus on one another.

Saturday we were up early and headed back to the church for the Easter Egg hunt...there were over 13,000 eggs!!! Yes, you read that right - thirteen thousand!! They had two different hunts based on age groups - smart to keep the little ones off to their own! Though Aaron did forego the Kin…

Spring Break

Well, Spring Break didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, but we've still made the most of it!!
We were headed to the lake to camp on Saturday, but unfortunately weren't able to stay at the campsite, so we headed back home. I promised the kids we would still have a fun week, though!!  Sunday after church the first thing I did was get Aaron's 6 year pictures in the Rocking Chair. I take the kids' picture every year at their birthday in this chair. I was my Grannie's and she rocked me in it when I was a baby. Then we headed to skyzone for the afternoon. Looking for something to ensure your kids get a good nights sleep? This is it!!
Monday morning we got up and headed to the rodeo. We took a friend with us, too and we were all worn out by the time we made it home!! This is Emma's favorite ride!! Tilt-a-whirl was a hit, too! And of course there was lots of time spent in with the animals! And you can't forget the food! The roasted corn is my favorite! …