Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

We've had a full Easter weekend! Friday we met up with cousins and had something new - SubZero Ice Cream! This was the coolest thing ever - the kids loved it!
I have to admit - I thought it was pretty cool myself!

Friday evening we had Good Friday service at church and it was one of the best services ever. Everything was so great and really started our Easter weekend off right. Friday night after the service Michael and I needed a little grown up time - just for a couple hours so the kids went home to watch a movie with Teta & Geddo and we had dinner out just the two of us. It was needed for sure. There has been so much going on lately and we just needed a little bit to focus on one another.

Saturday we were up early and headed back to the church for the Easter Egg hunt...there were over 13,000 eggs!!! Yes, you read that right - thirteen thousand!! They had two different hunts based on age groups - smart to keep the little ones off to their own! Though Aaron did forego the Kinder and under group to hunt with his sister and friends in the 1st to 6th grade group - he can hold his own! After the hunt we hung around to play, get faces painted and eat hot dogs!! It was such a beautiful day for it, too!
Easter 2016 (25 of 143)
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Easter 2016 (28 of 143)
I think they both made out pretty good in the egg department!
Easter 2016 (31 of 143)
Told ya he could hang with the big kids!
Easter 2016 (32 of 143)
Then time for a little bouncy fun!
Easter 2016 (38 of 143)
And they're off - caught him just as he and a friend took off to race through the bouncy!
Easter 2016 (39 of 143)
Can't say no to face painting!
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Easter 2016 (44 of 143)
When we came home the fun didn't stop! We did have to work out back for a while - we've been in a major backyard remodel for a while and it's still ongoing - but that's for another post! But then we were playing with friends, make treats and getting ready for another one of Michael's famous crawfish boils! The man does know how to boil bugs!!
Emma and Addison supplied the dessert!
Easter 2016 (48 of 143)
The kids have to all check out the bugs first, of course!
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Easter 2016 (52 of 143)
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Then when it got dark the fun didn't stop!! We had a glow in the dark egg hunt!!
Easter 2016 (62 of 143)
We hid the eggs in three different yards and I tried to get a picture of how it looked - doesn't really do it justice, though!
Easter 2016 (63 of 143)
The kids thought it was awesome, though and the grown-ups enjoyed it, too!
Easter 2016 (72 of 143)
Then this morning, Emma was in my room at 1:30 AM to tell me that the Easter Bunny had visited!! I told her she had to go back to sleep, though - it was way too early! So she did...and came back at 6:30! Sheesh girlie!!! Okay - we got up! We knew we needed to be at church early anyway, so I told her to go wake up her brother!
Easter 2016 (75 of 143)
You can see he was still sleepy!
Easter 2016 (76 of 143)
EB went with a baseball theme this year...
Easter 2016 (79 of 143)
Instead of Easter Baskets this year, the Easter Bunny filled two new baseball backpacks for them!! 
Easter 2016 (80 of 143)
Peep in an egg anyone!?!?
Easter 2016 (81 of 143)
Then it was time to put it all away and get dressed for church. Daddy cut some flowers from the garden for us to take to church to put on the cross. 
Easter 2016 (88 of 143)
Then it was time for Easter lunch at Teta & Geddo's house after church. 
Easter 2016 (92 of 143)
We also finally dyed Easter Eggs, too!
Easter 2016 (101 of 143)
Easter 2016 (108 of 143)
They took this very seriously!
Easter 2016 (104 of 143)
Afterwards we just enjoyed the afternoon...had a little playtime...
Easter 2016 (140 of 143)
Some checkers...
Easter 2016 (138 of 143)
Deep in thought? Or posing? :)
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I hope you all had a Blessed Easter! From our family to yours Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break

Well, Spring Break didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, but we've still made the most of it!!
We were headed to the lake to camp on Saturday, but unfortunately weren't able to stay at the campsite, so we headed back home.
Almost there!!!
I promised the kids we would still have a fun week, though!! 
Sunday after church the first thing I did was get Aaron's 6 year pictures in the Rocking Chair. I take the kids' picture every year at their birthday in this chair. I was my Grannie's and she rocked me in it when I was a baby.
Rocking chair pic
Then we headed to skyzone for the afternoon. Looking for something to ensure your kids get a good nights sleep? This is it!!

Monday morning we got up and headed to the rodeo. We took a friend with us, too and we were all worn out by the time we made it home!!
This is Emma's favorite ride!!
Emma's favorite ride at the carnival!! My feet & head are aching so I guess that means we had a blast!!! #hlsr #houstonrodeo2016
Tilt-a-whirl was a hit, too!
Spring Break
And of course there was lots of time spent in with the animals!
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
And you can't forget the food! The roasted corn is my favorite!
Spring Break
Bacon or Chocolate Cotton Candy?? Really??
Spring Break
Fried What??
Spring Break
These three had a blast!
Spring Break

So on Day 2 of our unplanned Spring Break Staycation we ended up at the park for the day!
We picnicked, we played, we practiced softball and t-ball! It was a fun day!
Banana pudding for the win!
Spring Break
The ducks and fish got our leftovers!
Spring Break
Spring Break
We had a swinging contest to see who could go the highest!
Spring Break
Spring Break
I even got in on the action - and honestly I think I won!
Spring Break
Then it was off to the field to practice!
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
After our day at the park we came home to rest a while and then hit up Alamo Drafthouse to see Zootopia with friends! But first we took in some Torchy's Tacos - they did not disappoint!!
Was definitely a pre-movie hit today!!!! #torchystacos
Neither did the movie! We all thought it was awesome!
Yesterday was an extremely lazy day...not so much on purpose, but I got sick. I had about 102 fever for most of the day. My tonsils are so swollen and hurt so bad. Today my fever hasn't been as bad, but my throat is on fire and my tonsils are still swollen - so it's been another day of staying indoors. But the kids are truly make the most of it!!
Emma has been busy in the kitchen - this girl is really starting to love baking and making sweets. She's made cookies two or three days this week already!
Chocolate covered pretzels anyone?!?!
Chocolate covered pretzels anyone??