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Aaron's 6th Birthday Party

Aaron did all the planning for his birthday party this year. He requested roller skating - so that's what we did. And he even picked out the cake he wanted - Oreo with Cherry filling and the cupcakes to accompany it!! Well done baby!!

We all had a blast yesterday at his party! I was a little concerned at first when he said he wanted to go skating b/c the last time we went he wasn't much into it...but he was adamant that it was what he wanted to do, so I obliged. And I am glad I did - everyone had fun & Aaron has improved a LOT since before. He refused to use a walker and got off the wall pretty quick and that was all it took - he was rolling around like a boss!! LOL

It was a great party and I cannot believe that my baby is going to be 6 years old tomorrow. He promised me a LONG time ago that he wasn't going to have any more birthdays so that he could always be my baby.Well, I guess I'll give him credit for wanting to stay young...but no matter one this one is still…