My Wild Boy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
You know, as wild and crazy, stubborn and outspoken as my son is I truly do have to brag on him! He is the most helpful little boy I know - almost to a fault b/c at school he tries to help so much instead of doing what he's supposed to be doing I end up with a note from his teacher! LOL! She's praising him and getting him in trouble in the same sentence!! And he is generous - ask him for anything and it's yours! If he's getting something he says, "And I need one for Emma!"

And now - I have to brag about his reading. Both my kids do really well in math and Emma loves to read, too but just very recently Aaron has started reading!! Not just seeing and recognizing letters and sounds, but really putting it all together. Yesterday when I got home he and mother were snuggled up reading his library book and while she was helping him on the big words he was still sounding them out and getting pretty close. But the rest of it he was doing on his own! I was really so proud at that moment!!!
Reading with Teta! So impressed with how well Aaron is picking up reading - I think he's picked it up even faster than Emma did! #proudmommy
Yes, I am bragging about my son!!! I am a proud mommy and I'll always brag on my kids when they do something good. And you know what else? I'll punish them when they do something bad (even spank them - gasp!!) and yes I make them work at home - they both have chores. It's balance...and praise is something ALL kids need!! So tell your kids how proud you are of them and tell the world, too and see if it doesn't make your kids gleam with pride in themselves and they'll want to continue to strive for that - they'll work hard to repeat that feeling! Often times today there is too much focus on the negative - there is only punishment for the wrong doing and not enough positive over the accomplishments!! Give your kids balance!

My kids are such a blessing to me! I hope they always know that and it's my job to make sure they do!