Happy New Year

Friday, January 01, 2016
We rang in the New Year with a bang...my how times have changed! These days ringing in the New Year with a bang means hanging out at home with your kids and friends! Many moons ago it meant something totally different! LOL I would not have it any other way now, though!

Michael was our chef - he fried up a bunch of catfish and boiled up shrimp & potatoes for us all! It was all amazing! We did get a little rain that drove us indoors, but only for a short time and we had fun playing games while we waited for our window to do fireworks!

And surprisingly everyone made it to midnight, too - we watched the ball drop in New York, then counted down the time again an hour later! Ha ha! Caught some video of the kids having their own party. I bought them some sparkling grape juice to ring in the New Year and some party poppers for midnight!
Here are just a couple other snaps I took of the evening - was too busy enjoying the company to have my camera out much honestly!! I made some yummy cocoa for everyone first - gotta keep warm while we were outside cooking & playing!
This is how we are beginning the New Year's festivities!!! Yum! #abuelitachocolate
These girls were smart - snuggled up and claimed the best spots right next to the firepit!
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Chef hamming it up!
New Year's Eve
Great friends - they're keepers!!
New Year's Eve
Back outside after a little shower to pop fireworks!
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve fireworks! #sparkly
New Year's Eve Fireworks! Kids had a blast doing a pyrotechnics show for us!!!
It was such a great evening! And I hate to admit it, but I think I'm getting sick. I rarely get sick and I felt it coming on the past couple of days; however, I kept dismissing it as allergies. Yeah, not so much I don't think. Emma's friend spent the night with us so in the morning the kids all got up and started playing so I took advantage and slept in as long as I could. When I did get up we headed to my mom's for New Year's Day lunch - black eyed peas, cabbage, ham...it's what you eat on New Year's Day!  Mother loaded me up on cold meds, too!
Because it's New Year's Day - that means black eyed peas, cabbage and ham! #traditions #happynewyear #resolvetohashtagmorein2016
After visiting for a while we came home - I still had to clean up the house and finish the last of the Christmas decorations. I had to un-decorate the Christmas tree. That's always a little sad. Didn't help that I am sick, made it take a while longer. By the time it took me to finish it was almost dinner time and cooking just wasn't on the menu. Emma wanted Salata, but they were closed so we decided custard sounded good - yes, we did eat dinner before our dessert! We headed to Freddy's and then hit up Redbox for some entertainment. Dinner and a movie with the best people I know! Why yes, yes my daughter was dipping her french fries in her custard - sweet & salty for the win!!
Movie night with these two, but first we have custard & French fries! Okay - we did have a burger before dessert! #Freddys #Antman

Happy New Year from the Kubeczkas!
Happy New Year from my crazy crew!!!!!!