Happenings During New Year's Staycation

Thursday, December 31, 2015
I've been off since December 23rd and I have to say it's been pretty wonderful!! We had a wonderful Christmas and we've been enjoying our New Year's break at home. We've been out and about some and just having family time so I thought before my New Year's post I'd just share some of the randomness that has been our week so far!

We definitely enjoying some downtime - vegging in our PJs! Well, the kids did while I put up most of the Christmas decor and cleaned the house. The tree is the last thing still to be put up.
Christmas at church.
Christmas trees at church this morning!
Emma has turned into a Lego aficionado! She got like four sets for Christmas I think and she's done them all, plus the one we bought at Disney World that was 3-in-1, well she's done all the variations of that one, too!! My dining room has been turned into a Lego room!
Building is getting serious over here!!! She took apart the house we got in Disney and is making the winter version of it now! #legos
We had a movie night and took all the kids out!
Movie time with this wild bunch of Mileham Kids!!!
We've enjoyed game night in, too!
It's going down in the living room. The stakes...later bedtime!!! I think Soldier wants to play, too! #cornhole #fathervsson
My future DIL can thank me...Aaron had to take care of some laundry! (It's blocked by the laundry, but there is a pouty lip behind there!!!)
Oh don't feel too sorry for him, he's had a lot of playtime this week and the pups have enjoyed lots of extra attention from him being home, too! He loves his animals!
We got in our last WOD of the year this morning, too...though this picture is actually from last night, not this morning!
Tonight we're ringing in the New Year with our family and great friends!! I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!! If you're going out be careful! Here's to a wonderful 2016!!