Christmas 2015: That's a Wrap

Sunday, December 27, 2015
Well, another Christmas has come and gone for the Kubeczkas and I have to say it was a good one. We had a special blessing this Christmas season - my big girl made a profession of faith in church a couple weeks ago and is going to be baptized. We don't have the date yet, but I cannot wait for her. It was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

We celebrated many times with family - at my mother's house, at my in-laws' house, at our own house and finally with a Christmas day dinner at my niece's house! It was definitely a Christmas of memories!

Of course, many memories were captured on camera, too...and I've put them all into one post!!!!

Mother was thrilled to host Christmas for the first time in their new house and it was such a fun time. We always play the gift game and this year's theme was Made in Texas - there were some great things everyone found made in our great state! There were quite a few homemade wooden gifts as well!

My brother Riki making sure the rules were clear for everyone...there is always someone that tries to find a loop hole (wink wink my brother David)! LOL
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
The kids were very serious about their crafts, too!

Being silly with my siblings and our mama!!
Then on Christmas Eve we were at my in-laws' house to celebrate.
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Christmas 2015 (13 of 195)
The kids all made out like bandits in the gift department...and they were all so grateful for everything they received. It was awesome!
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After presents there was some playtime with their new toys...
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And we made cookies for Santa, too! I think this might have to start being a tradition b/c honestly by the time we make it home Christmas Eve it's way to late to make cookies!
They take cookie decorating very seriously!
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We made it home in time to put out our cookies for Santa and hit the hay - Aaron didn't even stay awake to put out cookies. He was passed out!! So Emma set out the cookies and milk and was out quickly thereafter, too - which was good b/c Santa had work to do that night!
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The next morning Emma was the first in our room waking us up saying, "Santa came! Santa came!" They both literally had me in tears that morning with all their excitement and appreciation. Emma said, "Everything I got I wanted..." oh be still my heart!

In the midst of the mess (I honestly love the mess of wrapping paper that unfolds on Christmas morning).
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 Emma got a laptop this year - she is on ours for school all the time now so we figured it was time for her to have her own. She is a pretty responsible girl, too these days!
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Every year we go out for breakfast on Christmas day and the kids go in the PJs and get to take along one of their new toys. So my parents met us and then came back to our house.
Teta took on Aaron in a game of cornhole...
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And my dad and I played backgammon - this is my favorite game and Michael bought me a nice set for Christmas!
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For dinner my niece invited us all over to her house...we had a good dinner and ended the night with some a few games of 42! The girls were dominant over the boys - I wish I had taken a picture of the scoreboard. My niece did put it up on her fridge, though! LOL They'll get their rematch!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family as well! Now I have a nice little break - I'm off this entire week with my babies. I'll have to do some work getting my house back in order and all the decorations put back into storage, but otherwise I just plan on enjoying my time with them!