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Happenings During New Year's Staycation

I've been off since December 23rd and I have to say it's been pretty wonderful!! We had a wonderful Christmas and we've been enjoying our New Year's break at home. We've been out and about some and just having family time so I thought before my New Year's post I'd just share some of the randomness that has been our week so far!

We definitely enjoying some downtime - vegging in our PJs! Well, the kids did while I put up most of the Christmas decor and cleaned the house. The tree is the last thing still to be put up.
Christmas at church. Emma has turned into a Lego aficionado! She got like four sets for Christmas I think and she's done them all, plus the one we bought at Disney World that was 3-in-1, well she's done all the variations of that one, too!! My dining room has been turned into a Lego room! We had a movie night and took all the kids out!

We've enjoyed game night in, too!

My future DIL can thank me...Aaron had to take care of some laundr…

Frank 2015 - Part Two

Frank has come and gone for another year in our is the recap of the second half of his escapades!! For all 24 days he visits the magic never dulls for Emma and Aaron!
Here is to another fun and crazy year with Frank!

Christmas 2015: That's a Wrap

Well, another Christmas has come and gone for the Kubeczkas and I have to say it was a good one. We had a special blessing this Christmas season - my big girl made a profession of faith in church a couple weeks ago and is going to be baptized. We don't have the date yet, but I cannot wait for her. It was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

We celebrated many times with family - at my mother's house, at my in-laws' house, at our own house and finally with a Christmas day dinner at my niece's house! It was definitely a Christmas of memories!

Of course, many memories were captured on camera, too...and I've put them all into one post!!!!

Mother was thrilled to host Christmas for the first time in their new house and it was such a fun time. We always play the gift game and this year's theme was Made in Texas - there were some great things everyone found made in our great state! There were quite a few homemade wooden gifts as well!

My brother Riki mak…

Frank 2015 Part One

So, Frank has been with us a couple weeks now, so I thought the halfway point was a good point to recap his excursions in the Kubeczka Casa!!

We have a lot of fun anticipating what Frank is going to do next and my kids wake up every morning looking to find him! It fills my heart to know we can make little bits of magic for our kids like this!
Making our own holiday traditions and merry memories!

Emma's Rocking Chair Pictures

Another year older, another picture in the Rocking Chair! My Grannie rocked me in this chair and I rocked my babies in this chair...and every year they get a birthday picture taken in this chair! It's better than any growth chart I could've used! I love to see how my babies grow each year even though it makes my heart cry to see how fast they're growing.

NINE YEARS OLD!!! It is just hard to believe that she is going to be in the double digits soon...where is my baby girl??

Here are her past years pictures... Turning 8 Turning 7 Years 1 thru 6