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Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is never just one day for our family. My side alone is around 80 people if everyone shows up so it takes a while to figure what day the majority of the family can be there and then figure out whose house we are going to take over! I grew up in the country and my aunt and all my siblings have houses up there still (my two sisters have weekend lake houses up there) so we have a few options. And it's never just a day - it's a couple hours to drive up and I don't see my family as often so we take advantage and spend a few days. Michael hunts with my brother and cousins, Emma & Aaron get to play with all the kiddos they don't get to see often - which I really love b/c they don't get to see their cousins on either side much at all.

On Michael's side the family is a lot smaller and we always have it at his parents' house. Thanksgiving day we were at his parents' house & Michael fried a turkey. He usually does it every year for my side of …

Kids Photo Shoot Part Two

So I decided one photo shoot for the Fall this year just wasn't we went again today! There are a couple new venues I've been wanting to take pictures at for a while so I was excited to hit one up today! I was just as happy with the pictures today as those from Sunday.

I couldn't be more overjoyed looking at these beautiful faces! It doesn't matter what could be going wrong in life, when I am with these babies that is all that matters and everything else just disappears. They are the root of all the decisions I make in my life and the heartbeat that keeps me going.

I hope you are all as equally blessed as I am to have such joy in your life!
We snapped this picture quick as we were leaving and didn't even notice the hair in Emma's face...I was going to try to remove it, but decided to just leave it, you get it with the hair in her face b/c I think it's a beautiful picture of my beautiful girl! This picture makes my heart skip! They fuss…

Fall Pictures

Every year just before Thanksgiving I try to get the kids out for pictures so I can get Christmas Cards ordered. I've been wanting to take their pics at a beautiful local park all year and have never done it, so I was determined that's where we would go. Today was beautiful, too so after church and lunch we loaded up and headed to the park! I needed to be back at church at 5, so it was perfect timing - hit up that golden hour and got some nice shots of my babies. The first half hour we had some harsh light as the sun was still a little high, but from 4-5 it was perfect. Yep - I was late to church, too b/c I continued to shoot until 5!! LOL
I took tons of pictures, but these were ten of my favorites! They both wanted to wear their hats since they were in their boots and who am I to say no? This is Texas after all!  This pose was daddy's idea - I didn't think I was going to like it, but when I pulled the picture I was pleasantly surprised (used some of my new Christmas …