Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is never just one day for our family. My side alone is around 80 people if everyone shows up so it takes a while to figure what day the majority of the family can be there and then figure out whose house we are going to take over! I grew up in the country and my aunt and all my siblings have houses up there still (my two sisters have weekend lake houses up there) so we have a few options. And it's never just a day - it's a couple hours to drive up and I don't see my family as often so we take advantage and spend a few days. Michael hunts with my brother and cousins, Emma & Aaron get to play with all the kiddos they don't get to see often - which I really love b/c they don't get to see their cousins on either side much at all.

On Michael's side the family is a lot smaller and we always have it at his parents' house. Thanksgiving day we were at his parents' house & Michael fried a turkey. He usually does it every year for my side of the family, but since this year we were doing ham instead of turkey I told him he HAD to do one when we went to his parents' house - they're just so full of flavor and so juicy and they cook in a fraction of the time as opposed to roasting them.

So...get ready for picture overload now!!
Thanksgiving 2015 (1 of 95)
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Thanksgiving 2015 (5 of 95)
In goes the bird!
Thanksgiving 2015 (6 of 95)
I made a four cheese and bacon mac 'n cheese this year...was so yummy I made a second one to take up to East Texas. 
Thanksgiving 2015 (13 of 95)
Out comes the bird...let's eat!
Thanksgiving 2015 (18 of 95)
I'm no Oreo balls are right up my alley! I made a couple batches this year, half regular Oreo and the other half peppermint Oreo. So good!
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Rosco had the best seat in the house!
Thanksgiving 2015 (28 of 95)
On to East sisters, aunt and mother sewing. My sister Donna got a sewing machine from my mother and is going to learn to sew now!
Thanksgiving 2015 (36 of 95)
Because it rained most of the time we were up there, the kids played indoors more than out...though the boys didn't mind the rain, of course!
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We had to make them come in to dry off and warm up a few times!
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Our table was blessed!
Thanksgiving 2015 (43 of 95)
Do you get to color on your table at home?
Thanksgiving 2015 (49 of 95)
Thanksgiving 2015 (78 of 95)
Thanksgiving 2015 (53 of 95)
Cozying up by the fire!
Thanksgiving 2015 (56 of 95)
Me with my siblings and our mom. 
Thanksgiving 2015 (67 of 95)
My sister had us playing funny games after dinner!
Thanksgiving 2015 (79 of 95)
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When it got later some of us headed to my niece's house (she lives in Winsboro, but has a weekend house in Broaddus) to play cards and let the kids play some more. I spied on the boys and found this...
Thanksgiving 2015 (89 of 95)
The grown ups all played, too.
Thanksgiving 2015 (91 of 95)
Thanksgiving 2015 (93 of 95)
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It was a good I'm off to recharge! Michael is at work, the kids are at school - so I'm catching up on laundry from the weekend and cooking for the week. Being out for Thanksgiving I got off my meal prep routine, so today I'm getting back on track. I've got cauliflower fried "rice", roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, spaghetti squash with spinach, and stir fry Napa cabbage with chicken. I am set for the week!! I do have to get out today to get an oil change, but other than that I really don't plan on leaving the house!!! Holiday for Hanna! LOL

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kids Photo Shoot Part Two

So I decided one photo shoot for the Fall this year just wasn't we went again today! There are a couple new venues I've been wanting to take pictures at for a while so I was excited to hit one up today! I was just as happy with the pictures today as those from Sunday.

I couldn't be more overjoyed looking at these beautiful faces! It doesn't matter what could be going wrong in life, when I am with these babies that is all that matters and everything else just disappears. They are the root of all the decisions I make in my life and the heartbeat that keeps me going.

I hope you are all as equally blessed as I am to have such joy in your life!
 Kids Fall 2015-5545
Kids Fall 2015-5532
Kids Fall 2015-5527
We snapped this picture quick as we were leaving and didn't even notice the hair in Emma's face...I was going to try to remove it, but decided to just leave it, you get it with the hair in her face b/c I think it's a beautiful picture of my beautiful girl!
Kids Fall 2015-5776
Kids Fall 2015-5771
This picture makes my heart skip! They fuss and fight at times, but I know my babies love one another!
Kids Fall 2015-5755
Kids Fall 2015-5713
Kids Fall 2015-5701
Kids Fall 2015-5665
Kids Fall 2015-5663
Kids Fall 2015-5655
Kids Fall 2015-5648
Photo shoots with my kiddos sometimes are lengthy b/c much of the time is spent wrangling Aaron, bribing him, threatening him, begging him...whatever it takes to get him where I want him in a picture. And then there are times, like in this shot, he just goes and sits or stands for a picture and it is exactly the perfect shot without me even saying a word. And those are usually my favorite pictures - when there is no direction from me at all, just my babies!
Kids Fall 2015-5641
Kids Fall 2015-5629
Kids Fall 2015-5614
Kids Fall 2015-5610
Kids Fall 2015-5608
Kids Fall 2015-5583
Kids Fall 2015-5560
From the Kubeczka Family to your family

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Pictures

Every year just before Thanksgiving I try to get the kids out for pictures so I can get Christmas Cards ordered. I've been wanting to take their pics at a beautiful local park all year and have never done it, so I was determined that's where we would go. Today was beautiful, too so after church and lunch we loaded up and headed to the park! I needed to be back at church at 5, so it was perfect timing - hit up that golden hour and got some nice shots of my babies. The first half hour we had some harsh light as the sun was still a little high, but from 4-5 it was perfect. Yep - I was late to church, too b/c I continued to shoot until 5!! LOL

I took tons of pictures, but these were ten of my favorites! They both wanted to wear their hats since they were in their boots and who am I to say no? This is Texas after all! 
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
This pose was daddy's idea - I didn't think I was going to like it, but when I pulled the picture I was pleasantly surprised (used some of my new Christmas decorations we bought yesterday, too!)...
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
Never delete the outtakes - they are some of the best shots!!! 
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
Kids Fall Pics
They are our world...our everything...the most important thing in our life!!!