Surprise...We're Going to Disney!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Well, I do have to admit, the initial revealing last night wasn't as spectacular and crazy as I thought it would be. I think the kids were a little in shock and weren't quite grasping the whole thing. Today however, they've talked about it all day and Emma has been jumping up and down with excitement at random moments all day!

A little back story first to explain the first part of this video - yesterday after school we told the kids we had a BIG surprise for them - we had to go to parent/teacher conference first so we said they had to be so good or they wouldn't get their surprise. We ended up running all over the place after the parent/teacher conference, though and it was late when we got home, but we'd been building it up all evening still. When we were finally ready we told the kids to grab a seat and daddy would bring out their surprise...their "surprise" were just a couple little things we'd picked up, though - some Frozen flipflops for Emma and black stickers to go under Aaron's eyes for baseball. Cool gifts, but not nearly as big as we'd made it out to be, huh?

I think they thought we were a little crazy! LOL

Well, you can watch the video here - it's nearly four minutes long, though. I wish I had recorded all of Emma's little outbursts of joy she's had today, though - those were epic moments and in totally random places! LOL
Last year we surprised the kids and took them to Smackdown...I have to say that surprise reaction was really crazy. LOL - I was curious which would get the bigger reaction!
So, now they know and we're all packed and ready to go! Sleep may not come easy tonight b/c they are so excited, but I've told them the quicker they go to sleep, the quicker the morning comes and it'll be time to board the plane! Emma is really stoked about the plane ride, too as this will be their first airplane ride!

Can't lie - I am soooo ready for tomorrow to get here, too!! Sleep tight!