Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2015
We had another awesome trick or treat night! I was pretty worried about the weather, but it turned out perfect. We felt a couple of drops as we were headed back home, but that was it!! I spent about an hour and a half working on Emma and Michael's makeup, so I was especially thankful it wasn't for naught! 

Emma was a sugar skull skeleton - dia de los muertos style! Aaron was Hulk Hogan - he told people "Trick or Treat Brother!!"  Michael was a skeleton and our driver again. He chauffeured us all over the neighborhood - pulled the trailer behind the four wheeler as usual! We always have a full trailer!!! And Emma went through the haunted house with me - she was such a brave girl! She was scared, but she did it! She always overcomes her fears and I'm so proud of her! She never lets being afraid stop her. Aaron didn't make it through, but that's okay. Next year!!
So here's our pics from tonight as well as from last night when we made our jack-o-lanterns! Emma designed her own! 
I loved Emma's hair with her costume!!
Our cheuffure!! 
This was a very cool house!!

I should have made a video of this instead!
And our jack-o-lanterns...

Addison is spending the night with Emma tonight. They had to separate and organize all the candy tonight, too!! Emma said we have enough to last until Easter!!!
I think she might be right!

Happy Halloween from the Kubeczkas!!